BOCZ-N Machining and Commercial Ltd.


Quality assurance

BOCZ-N Ltd. deals with metal machining, most of our assumed work are done as a deliverer. A significant fraction of the produced goods is connected to export.

The aim of BOCZ-N Ltd. is to ensure the customer and the user's satisfaction, to confirm their confidence with such goods accomplished within deadlines by applying the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 and the MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 standards. The products are:

  • suitable for the concerning specifications and legal regulations,
  • competitive concerning the qualitative requirements in the international market,
  • produced in an economical method.

Our limited's management and all the workers' own charge is the continuous adherence of his own tasks according to the system of quality management, improving the system, which is our aim to be achieved by repeated tutorials at every work place, by trusting the worksome employees and their sense of quality and responsibility.

Our intention is the continuous improvement of our activity and the quality of the products made by us. We aspire after our partners' satisfaction at the highest level as possible.

Concerning the Limited's productive activity our aim is from the receipt of the raw material to the shipping of the produced goods, the organization and confirmation of the work operation in such a way, besides the provision of the necessary tools and personal conditions. We can consecutively maintain the quality in our producer units so the efficiency can be increased by these means.

We pursuit that each employee comprising the limited's authorities should concern the successful results of the quality management and the regular maintenance inspection his own credit as well as team work, and proudly gives his name to the product.